Saturday, June 23, 2007

Navigation System + Music + Video

Talking about wireless...
The next time you think about a navigation system for your car, take a look at the new one from "Harman/Kardon".
You can combine all things that have to do with car-multimedia with this device. You can listen to music while the "GPS-500 Guide and Play" gives you the directions. And you - or let´s better say the co-driver - can watch movies on the 4" / 480x272px display.
Both, music and videos, can be transferred from your computer via USB 2.0.
The integrated MP3-player allows you to search by artist, album, genre, song, or playlist. So get rid of your car radio!

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amanda said...

I want a navagation system but they generally suck you cant find where i work on there you usually have to look it up by name

Tricia said...

Sounds great. I wonder how much they cost?

Ronald said...

Compact and usefully...

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Makes sense.

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It's really an good combination of Navigation System + Music + Video where you can do lots of things one instruments that you can watch video listen the music and use out the navigation..

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Womens Casual Tops said...

That is really so good to have all that stuff in one. I am really so impressed by that because its really today's need to have all that together or separate in the car.