Thursday, May 24, 2007

An alternative to finetune´s embeddable player is blogmusik. Here you can create your own playlist via "SmartPlaylist". You are asked whether you like a song or not and can then add it to your own playlist by drag ´n´ drop, tell the system that you don´t like the song or just skip it. The system recognizes your likes and dislikes and offers you songs according to your taste of music. The range of songs becomes more and more precise with every click. Once you´ve created your own playlist you can of course add it to your blog, website, myspace-account, etc.
For more information you can take a look at their blog. It´s quite helpful.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nokia 5200 - Affordable Music Cell Phone

After having done some research, I think that the "Nokia 5200" is the best music cell phone you can get by now. Of course there are better ones on the market but this one, so it seems, has the best price-performance ratio. With other words, it´s a phone targeted at the more budget-conscious consumer.
It comes with an iPod-like music library which can easily be handled and organized. You can sort your songs by artist, album, genre and composer. The Nokia 5200, as well as its more expensive brother, is also equipped with an equalizer to change the sound according to your preferences. With the dedicated radio/MP3-key you can stop and start the music at any time, no matter if you´re somewhere in the menu or the phone is in stand-by mode. The cell phone also supports wireless stereo bluetooth headsets.
If you´re not willing to pay a fortune for the N91, which is probably the best music cell phone in the world, then the Nokia 5200 might be the best choice.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Clickster - MP3 Search Tool

Clickster searches the web for legal MP3 files. It doesn´t have anything to do with P2P or a file sharing program. Clickster only scans websites for songs. If there´s a song in a download section on any band´s website - Clickster will find it. You just have to enter the name of the song or the artist. Then you can either listen to the results or download them legally. There´s also an info-button that shows the exact URL so that you can search for further downloads on the particular website. At the moment Clickster finds more than 25 million songs.

Download it at

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MP3Gain - Same Volume Level For All Your Songs

If you have songs on your computer that have a different volume levels, try "MP3 Gain".
Choose either single songs or even folders, add them to the program either by navigating through the menu or by drag ´n´ drop, and convert your songs. A nice feature is that you can even set your preferred target volume (dB).
The program´s for free and is available at

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On you can either listen to your self-made radio stations (à la Pandora) or create a widget for your desktop, your MySpace-account or even your blog!
Just fill your playlist with at least 45 songs and embed the code in the sidebar of your blog. A nice feature is that you can listen to the songs for 30 seconds before you add them to your playlist.
Finetune seems like the perfect alternative to pandora if you live outside the US. A further aspect that speaks for finetune is that has a much more user-friendly design compared to pandora´s gray mac-like website.

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Friday, May 18, 2007


Join the Do-Follow-Blogroll to increase traffic on your blog.

Here is how it works:

- go to this site:
- follow the instructions on Tricia´s site
- comment on other user´s blogs
- leave your URL in the comment

Here´s the Do-Follow-Blogroll:

Thanks to Tricia!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

P2P-alternative (create your own MP3s)

You no longer have to be afraid of getting caught because of illegally downloading music via P2P. Just download the "No23 Recorder". Then go to youtube,, .... (basically any web page where you can listen to music or watch music videos). Start the recorder and then the piece of music - that´s it.

Here is how it works:

- To download the program, just go to this web page, scroll down, set the tick and click on "No23 recorder". Then the download window appears.

- Install and open it

- Here are the right settings to make the recorder work:

-> by the way: "Künstler" = "Artist" -> the rest should be obvious
-> choose a target folder
-> master and volume should be around 50% to not overdrive the song
-> select "MP3" and your preferred bitrate
-> "44100 Hz" seemed perfectly alright for me
-> the button of the slide control should be on the left and "DS" should be
-> the last thing is to select "Primärer Soundtreiber" which means "primary sound driver" (don´t select your sound card) and "Stereo Mix"

Now the recorder is ready to go!
Have fun.

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