Tuesday, May 8, 2007

P2P-alternative (create your own MP3s)

You no longer have to be afraid of getting caught because of illegally downloading music via P2P. Just download the "No23 Recorder". Then go to youtube, video.google, .... (basically any web page where you can listen to music or watch music videos). Start the recorder and then the piece of music - that´s it.

Here is how it works:

- To download the program, just go to this web page, scroll down, set the tick and click on "No23 recorder". Then the download window appears.

- Install and open it

- Here are the right settings to make the recorder work:

-> by the way: "Künstler" = "Artist" -> the rest should be obvious
-> choose a target folder
-> master and volume should be around 50% to not overdrive the song
-> select "MP3" and your preferred bitrate
-> "44100 Hz" seemed perfectly alright for me
-> the button of the slide control should be on the left and "DS" should be
-> the last thing is to select "Primärer Soundtreiber" which means "primary sound driver" (don´t select your sound card) and "Stereo Mix"

Now the recorder is ready to go!
Have fun.

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