Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nokia 5200 - Affordable Music Cell Phone

After having done some research, I think that the "Nokia 5200" is the best music cell phone you can get by now. Of course there are better ones on the market but this one, so it seems, has the best price-performance ratio. With other words, it´s a phone targeted at the more budget-conscious consumer.
It comes with an iPod-like music library which can easily be handled and organized. You can sort your songs by artist, album, genre and composer. The Nokia 5200, as well as its more expensive brother, is also equipped with an equalizer to change the sound according to your preferences. With the dedicated radio/MP3-key you can stop and start the music at any time, no matter if you´re somewhere in the menu or the phone is in stand-by mode. The cell phone also supports wireless stereo bluetooth headsets.
If you´re not willing to pay a fortune for the N91, which is probably the best music cell phone in the world, then the Nokia 5200 might be the best choice.

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