Friday, August 3, 2007

Your Own Podcast for Your Blog!

Yesterday I found a website where you can automatically generate a kind of podcast for your blog. You just have to sign up on and integrate the javascript into your sidebar. Every time you write an article now, a little button appears on top of your post saying "listen now!". Click it and a voice will read the whole article for you/your readers.

OdioGo also provides an RSS feed for your posts. So readers can subscribe to your "podcast".

Up to now I´ve integrated in my technology-blog. Check it out at:

(You´ll have to wait a few seconds - the button will load after the sidebar has completely loaded.)

I had to try it immediatley after I saw it on
Write a comment if you have any questions concerning the integration of the code or anything else. I´m also interested in your opinion about OdioGo. Do you think this´ll make your blog more interesting? Do you thing this will sky-rocket traffic?

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Bryan @ One Man's Goal said...

That's a pretty cool toy. I just checked it out on your other blog. How did you hear of this?

Marenda.Biz said...

wow thats a really cool concept can't wait to check it out

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San Francisco Giants said...

That's a great find. Thanks for sharing!

Hoto said...

it´s a nice toy to have on the blog. i will try it soon.

john said...

fantastic post.its nice concept you have choosen.i liked your this blog.

Anonymous said...

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