Friday, August 24, 2007

Trekstore i.Beat Organix

What do you think this tiny little mp3-player costs?
You can have it for about 24,000 USD. Isn´t that a bargain?!
No, seriously, what kind of millionaire would commission a trekstore mp3-player when he can have all the ipods and zunes in the world? With jewels and made of gold if necessary. What a cheap millionaire this must be...

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onwebcheck said...

Where can I order? Maybe the point is not only that someone realy want it but that you can have it if you would want! :-)

JasonJ said...

Congrats! You have been entered on my MUST READ BLOGS sidebar.

Jane Doe said...

That's just pompous.
I have no problem with luxury items and living the good life but that isn't even pretty. The biggest selling point seems to be the cost itself.
Send the money to Darfur. Or to the Minutemen.

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